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No Drama Mama-Mindfulness for Mothers One-Day Retreat (*CE’s are available)

8 Core CE Credits Available

This spring rejuvenate your soul and unite with your tribe of Mamas to reconnect and put your soul skin back on. Spend a day at the beautiful Santosha Yoga Studio in Sandy Springs and leave inspired and revitalized. We sink into the present moment with intention, nurturing and restorative meditation practices, and learn the science that is on the forefront of mindfulness and compassion. All Mamas are welcome. This 2018 be the Mama you are Destined to BE!

What is Included:
¤ Take Away Skills for Your Meditation Practice
¤ Practical Ways to Use Meditation in Your Everyday Life
¤ Soul Replenishing Breathing and Meditation Techniques
¤ An Inspiring Group of Powerful, Strong & Resilient Women
¤ Private Facebook Group to Stay Connected and Share Resources
¤ Lifetime Membership and Discounted Admission to Annual No Drama Mama Village Retreats and Events

What You Will Learn:
• How to Start a Meditation Practice (And The Tricks To Keeping It Up)
• What is Self-Care (It’s Not What You Think) and How Does Science Prove That It Is Mandatory In Our Life?
• The Science of Compassion
• Mind Traps & How to Work With Our Internal Dialogue & Scripts
• Perfectionism Is For The Birds, How To Give It Up Gracefully
• Our Transformation Into Resiliency and Vulnerability
• What To Do When Everything Falls Apart/How to Rupture & Repair
• How To Meet Our Children (And Other Relationships) From a Place of Strength & Calm

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Spring Cleaning Class

Reorganizing may help to decrease stress, improve sleep, and as a bonus will help your home look even more lovely! Spring is an excellent time to take a step back and clean unnecessary clutter from your home.

Carey Lynn Quinn is a professional organizer who will be empowering us to remove and reorganize paper clutter in our homes and workspaces. Dr. Chelsea Drda also will discuss removing toxic home and body products which may be having a negative impact on your health.

Our mission is to empower you to live your best life yet!

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“Why Do My Children Treat Me This Way?”

Face2Face Consultancy – an early childhood development consultancy – is hosting a seminar where parents can come and find some answers to questions many parents are afraid to ask but we all think! Sherry Beth Halsey will be speaking about understanding children and how to best reach them while introducing what Face2Face Consultancy can do for families across Atlanta! There will be coffee and snacks as parents get to meet each other while gaining some much needed understanding of the dynamics of children and parenting.

Sherry Beth Halsey has gained much experience through the years as a teacher, nanny, and consultant to countless families throughout Georgia and Florida as well as finding deep satisfaction in being a step-mom. She has found some old truths that stand strong and new methods that stand true that she wants to share with young families who are struggling to find peace and productivity in the midst of screaming, tears, and tantrums. Her greatest hope and joy is to bring peace into the homes across Atlanta by teaching young parents the strategies that will bring success!

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The Motivated Moms Tour

The Motivated Moms Tour is a half day intensive experience designed to equip moms to be “Great Women and Extraordinary Moms” by offering life-changing content to help activate their dreams.  The entrepreneur mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, or aspiring mom representing different socio economic backgrounds, education, and cultures will gather together to participate in empowering discussions around finance and wealth building, entrepreneurship, goal planning, and parent engagement.

Building YOUR Stratechic Playbook with Michele Thornton…powered by Hilton: This session is ONLY for the Mom’s who want to take their goals AND dreams and make them a reality by building out a plan to walk in their true life assignment. How will we do it: finding time in your day that puts you first,  creating an elimination list of people who need to be removed from our lives, list 3 people who can help us and build an elevator pitch about who we are and what we want.

You will also enjoy the #MotivatedMoms Empowerment Panel over a delightful lunch. You will hear from Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, Valerie Meraz, Tiffany Aliche, and Dania Santana! We know that these life-changing presentations will be truly helpful to as a mom.

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