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My Love Varieties

My Love Varieties

Whew! We made it through another holiday season. Now that we’re in February, it’s time for to get in the mood for love or rather the many types of love. As a woman, we wear many different types of hats – mother, daughter, sister, friend, counselor, etc. It’s only fitting that we have different types of […]

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My Son's Two Left Feet and One Big Grin

My Son’s Two Left Feet and One Big Grin

Watching my little boy play sports is like having an out-of-body experience. He is – at least physically – me. Three paces behind the other children on his two left feet. But it’s there that our similarities end. While my body physically responds (think sweat and hot cheeks) to the memory of anxiety and shame, […]

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My Diverse World ::| Atlanta Area Moms Blog ::|

My Diverse World

I live in Gwinnett County, one of the fastest growing counties in terms of diversity. I love that I can eat at local restaurants and eat food from around the world. Especially street tacos with homemade corn tortillas. I have neighbors that are of different nationalities. They are Mexican, African, Asian, Black, White, Central and […]

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The Holiday Struggle–A Jewish Moms Perspective

The struggle is real! I’m Jewish girl trying to raise 2 boys to love being Jewish while the excitement of Christmas engulfs them. Now, to be clear I LOVE Christmas and all the wonderful commercialized aspects that come with it.  The lights, eggnog, parties, sugar cookies but it’s hard watching my kids love Christmas and […]

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Ultimate Winter Guide: Family Events & Entertainment

Special thanks to  2ULaundry for sponsoring this year’s Ultimate Winter Guide! Time seems to speed up during the Holidays and there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Most people don’t realize how time-consuming laundry actually is. On average, a family of four or more spends over 36 hours a month […]

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