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No Drama Mama-Mindfulness for Mothers One-Day Retreat (*CE’s are available)

8 Core CE Credits Available

This spring rejuvenate your soul and unite with your tribe of Mamas to reconnect and put your soul skin back on. Spend a day at the beautiful Santosha Yoga Studio in Sandy Springs and leave inspired and revitalized. We sink into the present moment with intention, nurturing and restorative meditation practices, and learn the science that is on the forefront of mindfulness and compassion. All Mamas are welcome. This 2018 be the Mama you are Destined to BE!

What is Included:
¤ Take Away Skills for Your Meditation Practice
¤ Practical Ways to Use Meditation in Your Everyday Life
¤ Soul Replenishing Breathing and Meditation Techniques
¤ An Inspiring Group of Powerful, Strong & Resilient Women
¤ Private Facebook Group to Stay Connected and Share Resources
¤ Lifetime Membership and Discounted Admission to Annual No Drama Mama Village Retreats and Events

What You Will Learn:
• How to Start a Meditation Practice (And The Tricks To Keeping It Up)
• What is Self-Care (It’s Not What You Think) and How Does Science Prove That It Is Mandatory In Our Life?
• The Science of Compassion
• Mind Traps & How to Work With Our Internal Dialogue & Scripts
• Perfectionism Is For The Birds, How To Give It Up Gracefully
• Our Transformation Into Resiliency and Vulnerability
• What To Do When Everything Falls Apart/How to Rupture & Repair
• How To Meet Our Children (And Other Relationships) From a Place of Strength & Calm

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