Two years of Twins (10 things to help prepare you for TWO ‘twos’)

My twin boys are TWO. I feel a slight sense of accomplishment. Before I had the twins, I read all sorts of blogs about how HARD it’s going to be, how you won’t sleep for years, how your bank account will suffer, and how your older child will become a defiant nightmare (and sadly these all came true). But now that I’ve “survived” 2 years of twins (as well as having an older child), I’d like to tell you why being a mommy of twins isn’t all scary (actually awesome), some hard learned truths, and some of my favorite products that make having two-year-old twins a little easier.  So here are 10 things to prepare you for two ‘twos’:

  1. They fight hard but love harder. The way twins care about each other is truly priceless and only a few get to experience the ‘twin sense.’ Especially around the time they are two, you’ll really start to see how much they care for each other. It’s absolutely amazing!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  2. Just do it (OR DON’T!!!). Goodness, I cannot tell you know how many times I’ve tried to go somewhere with all 3 of my toddlers only to think later, why did I do this? Some things just aren’t worth doing. I’ve learned this the hard way. It’s better just to stay at home during this time period. When you take 3 little ones out on your own, someone is bound to have a meltdown while the other two run across a busy parking lot, or worse, you will have to use the bathroom in a place that doesn’t fit your double stroller. If you are like me and have to be doing something all the time, try to embrace this time in life where you are home constantly because one day when the kids are involved in sports and other activities, you may wish you were at home more!
  3. On that note, get yourself an easily foldable double umbrella stroller, like this one I got on Amazon for $89. I’ve gone through a lot of expensive strollers, only to return them a week later. Remember, umbrella strollers fit easily in public restrooms and fold up small so you can fit more of your kids’ junk in the trunk.                                                                            
  4. People will tell you “it gets easier”…what they actually mean is…It’ll get easier YEARS from now. (Sorry). I thought the hardest part of having twins would be those first 3 months when I didn’t sleep at all. But no one warned me of the 18 to 24-month-old horrors! Of course, I experienced this some with my oldest, but with twins, it’s a whole different ballgame. Around this age is when babies are seeking independence, mastering running (away from you in opposite directions), cutting those awful molars, sick all the time because they share EVERYTHING, experiencing sleep regression and separation anxiety. So hold on momma, the rough nights aren’t quite over yet, but just take note that this is only a phase! Best purchase I made during this time were two amber necklaces. I don’t know why or how, but they really did wonders for my boys.  And if you happen to be a lucky mom of two great 18-month-old twins, then COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!                                                                                                     
  5. Speaking of separation anxiety…Both of mine had it bad, which is completely normal for babies around the 18-month mark but having two of them follow you around all day screaming, crying, wanting to be held all the time is enough to make anyone lose their mind. Best thing I found that worked was to tell them when you are about to leave instead of sneaking out. They will feed off of each other’s anxiety, so the more you prep them for your departure, the better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  6. Hide in your pantry and eat some chocolate. Seriously. Things are going to go all kinds of wrong and you’ll need a chocolate fix. If you try to eat your chocolate around two two-year-olds, well, it’s game over. They will find you. They will go nuts, and your chocolate just won’t taste as good. It’s worth it to hide!
  7. Twin talk. It is such a pure blessing to get to hear my twins talking to each other in gibberish…doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, but they seem to understand what the other is saying & they think each other is hilarious (priceless)!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  8. Give them quality independent time. This is hard. But when you are with them separately, you’ll really see and appreciate their differences. It’s good for them to have a break from each other and it’s good for you to have that quality time together, even if it means snuggling and falling asleep together!                                                                                                                 
  9. Don’t become a cafeteria. I have to admit, mealtimes are my least favorite times of the day. It is a constant battle some days if I let it. If one wants something else, you better believe the other will too. Therefore, it’s better just to teach them to eat what they are given, otherwise, you’ll never sit down for a meal.
  10. Make Bedtime a routine. My boys know when bedtime is near and it makes putting three kids to bed easier because of our routine. Especially on nights when daddy isn’t home to help, it can be extremely stressful. But now that we have a constant routine, it makes it manageable!

There you have it. I’ll be the first to admit that having twins is hard, especially if you have older children at home. But I promise the interaction and sweet things you’ll get to experience with twins this age is definitely worth it all! 

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